Log 2 Lumber, LLC

Custom Sawmilling and Woodturned Art

About Our Business

We have been sawmilling locally cut logs since 2004.   Most of the trees are urban trees that would have gone to the landfill or made into firewood.  We have cut for individuals and contractors wishing to utilize the trees removed for new homes into wood products for the home.

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We sell lumber that would have gone to the landfill.  This is from tree services kind enough to provide us the logs or homeowners wanting to split wood with us instead of paying the entire cost of milling.

Bowl Blanks and Turning Stock
We are woodturners too.  After cutting bowl blanks with a chainsaw for years, we had a jig made for the sawmill which allows us to cut turning stock from firewood size pieces.
We will cut bowl blanks and turning stock on the sawmill for you or sell you what we have cut.

Custom Turned Pens and Gift Items
Need an heirloom gift?  We make custom pens and other gift items from wood, acrylic and other materials.   The woods can be locally harvested or rare exotic lumber.

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Turned Art Forms
From bowls to vases and vessels, we turn it all from locally salvaged lumber.

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Sharpening Services
We have a Tormek wet sharpener and provide reasonably priced sharpening for your tools, knives, scissors, and other dull objects.

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