Custom Sawmilling and Woodturned Art


We operate a Woodmizer LT-40 portable sawmill with Hydraulics and computerized cutting height adjustment.

We bring the mill to you, set up and cut at your site.  When we leave you have a lot of lumber, slabs for firewood and sawdust.  


Log Length - 21 feet

Log Diameter - 36" (if straight), less if the log is bowed or crooked

Cutting Width - 24" boards on a square cant

Shortest log that can be lifted using the log loader is 65 inches.  If you have a tractor or help, the mill can accomodate shorter pieces down to 4 feet.

We also have a jig built for the mill that will cut firewood size pieces into lumber.  Requires lifting the pieces onto the mill.  


Minimum charge is $200-250 depending on your location and the help you have.

Set-up fee is a $1 per mile round trip, $50 minimum.  If you are 30 miles from me, then the set up fee is $60.

We charge by the board foot.  Most jobs are 40 cents per board foot.  Quartersawing (simple method) is and additional 10 cents per board foot.

Blades - if we hit metal or another foreign object in the wood, our blade cannot be resharpened there is a $20 charge per blade.

Moving logs or the mill - If the logs are not staged in a way that the mill has to be moved, there is an additional setup fee.

Log 2 Lumber, LLC