Log 2 Lumber, LLC

Custom Sawmilling and Woodturned Art

Sharpening Services

Feeling a little dull, we can fix that.  Using a Tormek 2000 wet grinder, we can return your knives to a like new condition.  We are reasonably priced with a 1 week turnaround.  We can also sharpened some items on a 180 grit CBN Wheel.


For items that are knicked or damaged and require shaping, please add 50%.  Price is per blade.

Large Kitchen Knives $5

Small Kitchen Knives $3.50

Steak and paring Knives - $2.50

Hunting Knife - $6

Pocket knives - $3-5

Multi-tool knives - $4

Other knives - $1 per inch, $3 minimum

Scissors - $3.50 (we do not sharpen shears for barbers and cosmetologists, those should be done by the mfg)

Chisels - $6

Razors - $10